Exporting plants

When exporting plants (orchids) abroad from Japan, CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) and the quarantine are necessary.

Requirements for the quarantine differ according to the country they will be sent to. Some countries have less strict requirements but most of the countries have set very restricted quarantine requirements. Especially to European countries, we have experienced more than three-month-long strict quarantine.

Obviously, the shipping dates will be between December to February of the following year when the growth stops.

We recommend well advanced notices for exports.

For agents and dealers

Currently we are open to large quantity orders only.

To contact us,

  1. Direct to our nursery (letter or email (info@ranyuen.com)).
  2. Contact your local leading Japanese horticulture importers.

For European countries, we can introduce our agent in the Netherlands. (We are currently looking for agents and dealers around the world.)

For individuals

Currently, due to an extreme cost and time to pass the quarantine and the CITES, we do not export to individuals oversea. (We do sell to individuals domestically, in Japan.)

Ranyuen's orchids have been sent to some European countries, the USA, Korea and other countries in the past so you might come across our orchids somewhere.

We are currently distributing our orchids to some of the horticultural agents and through large orders. You may be able to find our orchids by contacting major horticulture agents in your area.