Simple techniques to grow Spring Calanthe (EBINE)

Planting Ebine in the garden

We show how to plant in this video. (Planting Usually within February to May)

Recommended places

For both potted or gardened, avoid shadowy area nor under all day of direct sunlight. It grows best in the bright shade with occasional sunlight.


Wait until the surface is dry and give enough water. In case of planting in the garden, after the roots have fairly grown, unless it becomes very dry, you won't need to water them too much.


After the flowering, a thinned conventional liquid fertilizer will be appreciated. The solid type fertilizers are also effective.


When the roots fill the pot, you will need to prepare a bigger pot with AKADAMA (granular clay like mineral that is used as soil) and some pumice stones.


The best timing to plant in the garden will be right after flowering. Take it from the pot and without loosening the roots, go ahead and plant it in your garden.

Spring Calanthe (EBINE) - Ranyuen Spring Calanthe (EBINE) - Ranyuen Spring Calanthe (EBINE) - Ranyuen Spring Calanthe (EBINE) - Ranyuen